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Info about the Hitman slots game

The slots games are amongst the popular of all the casino games available at online casino sites, primarily because they are the most user-friendly type of casino gambling for those who do not have that much prior knowledge and experience in that area. Compared to card games like poker and blackjack, and other casino games like roulette, there is not much that a newcomer needs to learn to be able to play the slots. This means there are a lot of different slots games on the market and therefore any new one needs to have something different to be able to stand out in this market. The Hitman game is based on the successful video game of the same name (which was also the basis for the 2007 movie) and arguably ranks as one of the most thrilling slots games around.

The game, available in, features fifteen paylines and follows more or less the same basic plot as that of the video game version, putting the player in the shoes of Agent 47, an assassin for hire, and requiring him/her to kill various targets. Beyond this however, the Hitman game stands out from the mass of slots games available through the quality of the sound and graphics used in its creation, which are of the same level found in the video game version. Probably the major reason for this is the fact that Eidos, the console game development company, produced all the graphics, which were then licensed for use in the slots game.

The game delivers a great deal for players when it comes to action and bonuses as well, plus the opportunity to secure some pretty big payouts – which, let’s face it, is the biggest single motivator behind playing a slots game. If you can get access to the free spins bonus feature in particular, which is achieved via the ‘Wild’ symbol, this will get you on the right path to securing good payouts.

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