Play Robosockets online. Are you ready to link robots together using their sockets? If your ready to link them up so the can be dispersed you are ready to play this game!

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Tags: robot, robo, sockets, socket, robosockets, tetris, arcade, simple, puzzle, 1 player, flash, join the bots up to flow electricity, tate,

You are playing Robosockets

Robosockets is a cool game that involves little robots with sockets that need to link together. You will need to link many little robots together using their sockets, once enough robots are linked they will disperse themselves from the game field. Take advantage of the little power-ups, they will help you get longer strings of robots to disperse! Be ready for the odd robot that has no sockets, this can really throw a spanner into the works!

Age Rating:All ages

How to play:
To play this game you will need your ARROW KEYS

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