Play Puffball Hunter online. Guide the puffballs into the containers using the boxes you are given. This will get you stressed but the payoff is great when you have completed it.

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You are playing Puffball Hunter

In this hard game of Puffball Hunter your goal is quite hard! When you click the trees, puffballs will fall from them. The idea of the game is to get them to any of the three containers at the bottom of the hill. To get them to the containers you need to place boxes in the correct position so they do not fall off the ledges or simply to direct them in the right way. Each Puffball will earn you one dollar ( Fake dollar of course) and any profit you make will be multiplied by the number level you are on. Good Luck!

Age Rating:All ages

How to play:
You will only need your MOUSE to play this game.

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