Play Madness Escape online. Its time to re-fuel your rocket and lift off back home again. Do you think you have the skills to stay alive and re-fuel your rocket to leave in each level?

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You are playing Madness Escape

Madness Escape is all about a robot that gets stuck and stranded in places he doesnt want to be. All you have to do is shoot down the pesky little robots that have your fuel and the annoying little crab robots that will distract you from the task at hand. Once you get your fuel back you will need to re-fuel the rocket so you can lift off again and make your way home. This game is all about escaping a place you dont want to be. Do you think you can escape the barren lands were you crash land?

Age Rating:All ages

How to play:
To play this game you will need your W and D to move left and right, your MOUSE to aim and fire.

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